Sink Price in Bangladesh: Space-saving, Safe & Stylish

How do you want your sink in the kitchen? Single, double, top-mount, under-mount, drainboard, or low divider double? All these sink types are beautiful and have their benefits. 

In this article, I will explain every type of sink price in Bangladesh in detail with benefits. Do not worry. These sinks are affordable and will enhance the beauty of your kitchen. Continue Reading the Article!

6 Types of Sink Prices in Bangladesh

Adding a sink is a must to work sufficiently in the kitchen. However, only some sinks will match the renovation of your kitchen room. Check out the modern kitchen sink solutions and pricing below to choose the best one. 

Note: The mentioned prices are tentative and can vary from shop to shop. Also, if you are lucky, you can bargain or buy the sink in offer and special sale prices. Thus, keep your eyes on brands.    

Single-bowl Sink

A large single sink is a great option for families with many people. It has high capacity and you can easily wash large trays, pots, cookie sheets, and other things. 

Though I said a single sink is a great option for large families, it comes in all sizes. So, if you want to buy it for your house, you can easily find the one that fits. Also, the installation process is super easy. However, there’s one disadvantage. It has no drying area so you need to prepare a drying area for the utensils.

Depending on the sink size, shape, and steel quality, the cost will vary. For example, if you want to buy a round single sink, it will cost over 6000 Taka. Though a round sink looks beautiful, it has less space. The single sink with drainboard will cost 2500- 4000 Taka. Lastly, just a single bowl sink will cost 1950-5500, Taka.


Double Bowl Sink

Another preferable sink choice for large families to wash is double sinks. You can work flexibly washing on one sink and drying the utensils on another sink or wash pots, cups, and plates separately on 2 sinks. Truly a helpful and multi-purpose duel basin for all sink works. 

Just buying a double sink will help you cover washing, rinsing, and draining hassle-free. Also, if you have one of these sinks, you won’t need dishwashers. Maintenance and cleaning are super easy and have a deep workspace. However, there’s one disadvantage. You need a large kitchen room to install it. 

Let’s come to the pricing. Duel sinks are more costly than single and top-mont sinks. The price range starts from 4,300 to 75,000 Taka. It is quite high, right? Do not worry. The cost depends on material, size, and quality. Thus, measure your kitchen and check the quality of the sink before paying the bill. 


Top-mount Sink

Top-mount sinks are the most commonly found sinks in Dhaka and Chittagong houses. They are also called drop-in sinks because the sink sits on top of the counter. These sinks are super easy to insert and you don’t need special skills to put it. The manufacturers measure the kitchen counter, cut it, and install the sink from above.

The advantage of this sink is that it comes with a rim that provides support and stability. The users can comfortably use it. However, there’s one disadvantage, alongside the sink, you need to clean the rim as well to keep the kitchen hygienic.  

Let’s come to the main point. How much do the drop-in sinks cost? You can buy it at affordable prices from 1800 to 3000 Taka. If you are making a home to rent in BD, Drop-in sinks are the best choices.


Undermount Sink

Undermount sinks are the opposite of top-mount sinks. They provide a modern look because of being placed underneath the countertop, securing the rim at the bottom of the basin. These sinks have deep workspace and save counter space, making them a great choice for small kitchens in BD. 

The cleaning is also straightforward as you do not need to clean dirt on the lip or rim. However, the installation process is more complex than top-mount sinks. For installing the under-mount sinks you need professional help. 

The price of under-mount sinks is quite costly but they are long-lasting and come with warranty and guarantee. You can buy it in both double and single bowls. The single under-mount sink costs 10,000- 30,000 Taka and double under-mount sink bowls cost 26,000-75,000 Taka. First, check out the quality and material then choose the one that matches your kitchen room the most.


Drainboard Sinks

If you have visited homes in Dhaka and Chittagong, you may have noticed that many houses have single drainboard kitchen sinks. These have small single bowls but come with a drainboard on the side. They are a great choice for small family usage and look fantastic on galley or straight kitchen ideas.

The drainboard has lips surrounding the sink, trapping the water and draining it back to the sink quickly. However, there is a disadvantage. The sink is small making it difficult to cook and clean for multiple people. Also, the drainboard gets dirty every time you clean the dishes or vegetables. So, you need to clean both the drainboard and sink every time.

The drainboard sinks cost 2,800- 4,000 Taka. These are durable and long-lasting. If you have a small family and kitchen room, you can consider using this sink.


Low-divider Double basin Sinks

A low-divider kitchen sink is a double sink with a more stylish look. What makes it more stylish? The double-sink dividers are the same length however, low-dividers come in different sizes making them a perfect combination of single and double sink bowls. 

Also, you can get extra space for washing large pans and easily prepare the vegetables in the low divider. However, this kitchen sink is a bit hard to get as only a few brands manufacture it making them a priced sink. So, if you want to buy it in Bangladesh, you need to research and contact the brand to know the basin price and details.


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Kitchen sinks are a daily necessity for every household. Thus, you need to choose a sink that is long-lasting, durable, and easy to clean and work. So, my suggestion would be to understand your kitchen layout and measure the sink area, and several people living in the house to choose an appropriate sink size and shape. 

Hopefully, our article on sink prices in Bangladesh helped find a good sink for your home. If you like any sink from brands, consult with them about pricing, warranty, special sales, and the installation process. Get all the necessary information about the sink and use it comfortably.