Basin Price in Bangladesh: High-quality & Affordable

Basin Price in Bangladesh

Want to buy a wash basin at a reasonable price? You are at the right place. In this article, I will tell you about the best and most stylish basins you can get at affordable prices. 

The recommended bathroom sinks are aesthetic, hygienic, and have space. Let’s not waste any more time & see the best basin price in Bangladesh.

High-quality Basin Price in Bangladesh- Everything in Detail  

Check out the different bathroom solutions options and buy the one that suits your washroom layout the most. All the basin shapes can be found in nickel, concrete, ceramic, granite, marble, stone, copper, and other materials.

Note: The mentioned prices are tentative and can vary from brand to brand, special occasions, sales, and offers.    

Round Wash Basin

Round bathroom sinks are the most popular. Why? Because though it is round, it is stylish, has versatility, and goes well with any room. They save space and you can clean it easily due to their curvy and smooth corners. Also, you can place it anywhere like on the side or in the middle, it will enhance the beauty of the bathroom. 

Now, let’s come to the main part. How much do luxurious round-shaped wash basins cost in BD? You can buy them from 3,000-16,000 Taka. The prices will vary depending on the size, and style, and with and without overflow.

Round Wash Basin

Oval-shaped Wash Basin

Know what makes oval-shaped bathroom sinks stand out? Their simplicity with style and elegance. They have round edges in pedestal style and go with every washroom style. You can fit them in small spaces and clean them easily due to their round edges. If your washroom is small like in Dhaka and Chittagong small houses, try this style. Trust me, they look good.  

Let’s come to the price. They are a bit more costly than round-shaped bathroom sinks. The range starts from 4,500-20,000 Taka. However, if you want to add art to the basin, it will cost more. Communicate with the employees and tell them your requirements to buy the bathroom sink at a reasonable price.

Oval-shaped Wash Basin

Square-shaped Wash Basin

Square-shaped sanitary ware looks modern and sophisticated. You can find them in different materials like concrete, acrylic, granite, marble, porcelain, stainless steel, and so on to match your washroom style. 

The counter space is large and many people can use it at the same time. It also has clean lines and edges, making it easier to clean and provide a luxurious look. Square-shaped bathroom sinks are great for both small and large size washrooms. 

The price ranges from 2,000-30,000 Taka. Depending on pricing, the quality varies. The 2,000 taka square-shaped bathroom sinks are low quality. You can see them in restaurants and mall washrooms. The stylish ones are a bit costly, however, they go with any washroom well and last a long time.

Square-shaped Wash Basin

Rectangular-shaped Wash Basin

Though not as popular as round and square-shaped bathroom sinks, rectangular-shaped basins are a great option for large washrooms.

It has clean corner lines, a large surface, and depth, and multiple people can use it at the same time. Thus, if you have a large washroom, you can install rectangular-shaped bathroom sinks to enhance the beauty of your washroom as well as provide a traditional look.  

The prices of these types of bathroom sinks are a bit higher. They range from 25,000-35,000 Taka. However, installing a basin is for a long time. So, if the quality, space, and style fit your washroom style, go for it.

Rectangular-shaped Wash Basin

Asymmetrical-shaped Wash Basin

As the name suggests, asymmetrical bathroom sinks come in different shapes. They sit on top of the vanity unit and look super luxurious. 

As most houses use rectangular, oval, or round bathroom sinks, an asymmetrical sink will stand you out from the rest. You can get them in different sizes and easily fit the sink anywhere. However, if you have a large washroom, I recommend placing it in the middle because it looks stylish.  

The price range starts from 8,000 to 30,000 Taka. Though the price is high, it successfully provides a standard and unique look to your washroom. Check the designs and choose a size, style, and shape that suits your bathroom the best.

Asymmetrical-shaped Wash Basin

2 Best Brand Suggestions to Buy Basins From 

Check out these two brands to buy washbasins from. They provide beautiful, fully functional, and high-quality basins according to your preference.  

American Standard

American Standard is a USA brand that provides kitchen and bathroom solutions. You can explore their products, consult with their designers, and share your plans about what you want. They ensure you get the best enduring products within your budget. You can also use their augmented reality to check how your basin looks upon placed. 

You may think American Standard is in the USA, but how are you going to purchase from them? What will be the delivery and installation process? Do not worry! There are many companies who work with them. You can buy wash basins from these companies. The employees will listen to your query and provide you with the best services. Check out the linked website and buy the best basin from unlimited options.


INAX is a Japanese brand that offers a variety of basin and basin mixers. Their products have a Japanese touch and look elegant and refined. For example, their latest vessel basin is designed with new clay. It has thin edges and the latest bathroom fittings, providing an elegant and luxurious look, and is super easy to clean. 

They have more designs in oval, round, and, square. Check out their website for more information and make a purchase. From consultation to installation, they will guide you thoroughly. They also offer other kitchen and bathroom solutions with a warranty. 

The products are directly imported from Japan, making the quality top-notch. Also, many companies may scam you with wrong information. So, first, check their website then buy the product.   


Basin prices in Bangladesh vary for many factors. For example, a wash basin with overflow and without overflow have different prices. A white basin, black, or other design basin prices vary. Lastly, the most important factor in pricing is the shape and size. Thus, measure your bathroom sink area and order a beautiful basin that enhances your washroom.