INAX BF-1760V Floor-Standing Bathtub

Key features:

  • ÊSimple design with a sophisticated seamless curve brings a luxurious presence.
  • ÊOrganic and comfortable curve inside and outside the bathtub.
  • Anti-slip bottom surface.
  • W 1700 / D 900 / H 550 mm.

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INAX BF-1760V Floor-Standing Bathtub Features :

Category Floor-Standing Bathtub
Product Code BF-1760V
Dimension W 1700 / D 900 / H 550 mm
Material Synthetic acrylic resin, Acrylic enamel
Antibacterial Aqua Ceramic PROGUARD, Anti-fouling technology
Color White
Manufacturer INAX
Technology Aqua ceramic technology
Place of production Vietnam

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