INAX AC-902VN One Piece Toilet

Key Features:

  • AQUA CERAMIC anti-fouling
  • The rimlessÊdesign is easy to clean
  • One vortex outlet, one booster outlet, discharge level (4.5L / 3.0L)
  • W 372 / D 720 / H 680 mm

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INAX AC-902VN One Piece Toilet Features:

Category One Piece Toilet
Product Code AC-902VN
Dimension D 721 x W 372 x H 680 mm
Discharge Type Push button
Amount of water used 4.5L/3.0L (large flush, urine discharge)
Water pressure 0.05 ~ 0.70MPa
Material High quality sanitary ware
Exhaust system Siphon -Super-strong, quiet and efficient
Boody type Long and closed
Cover type Soft closing seat cover
Design Soft-close lid, designed based on optimal research to give users a smooth and comfortable feeling when using
Flushing system Powerful Vortex flushing technology with two powerful outlets (one outlet, one power booster) flushes all dirt
Antibacterial Antibacterial and Anti-scratch ability
Color White
Rough In 305mm
Manufacturer INAX
Technology Aqua Ceramic glaze technology helps to make the surface shiny, not sticky, not dirty
Place of production Vietnam


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