INAX C-306VAN Close Coupled Toilet

Key features:

  • Vortex flush for efficient cleansing of dirt across the entire bowl.
  • Siphonic flush system 4.8L/3.0L.
  • W 440 / D 744 / H 772 mm.

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INAX C-306VAN Close Coupled Toilet Features:

Category Close Coupled Toilet
Product Code C-306VAN
Dimension W 440 / D 744 / H 772 mm
Discharge Type Siphon
Amount of water used 4.8L/3.0L
Water pressure 0.05 ~ 0.70MPa
Material Sanitary porcelain
Exhaust system Siphon -Super-strong, quiet, and efficient
Body type Long and closed
Cover type Soft closing seat cover
Design Anti-fouling, AQUA CERAMIC, Rimless design
Flshing system One vortex outlet
Antibacterial Antibacterial and Anti-scratch ability
Color White
Rough-In 305mm
Manufacturer INAX
Technology AQUA CERAMIC Ð Japanese
Place of production Vietnam


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