Hafele Surface Mounted Door Closer

Key Features :

  • ÊSurface Mounted Door Closer
  • Variable closing force
  • Hydraulic latching action valve adjustable
  • Closing speed valve adjustable
  • With interlocking hold-open device
  • For DIN right/left Hand
  • There is a non-adjustable backcheck system.
  • Closing power meets EN 1154 standard.

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Hafele Surface Mounted Door Closer Features :

Product name Surface Mounted Door Closer
Code 931.84.129
Brand Hafele
Product type Door Closer
Material Stainless steel
Color Silver
Door width 750-1000 mm
Door weight Up to 80 kg
Weight 2.233 kg
Door opening angle Max. 140¡
Hold open angle 70-140¡
Closing capacity EN2/EN3/EN4


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