Hafele Skido Krital

Key Features :

  • Drawer mats is an excellent option to have in each drawer as they are coated with an anti slip surface below.
  • Mats provide high grip to the products kept on them.
  • Dishes, cutleries, utensils, spice bottles etc. kept in drawers do not collide with each other when placed on a drawer mat.
  • Mats are made of non-toxic materials as per European standards and are highly safe to be used in kitchen drawers.

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HŠfeleÕs Range of Non-Slip Kitchen Drawer Mats can be ordered in a variety of colours and textures and are a must have for designers of all spaces. These mats stand out on account of their easy adaptability to any surface providing enhanced order, cleanliness and comfort. The functional surface of these mats along with high resistance to slipping and sliding ensures that objects stay securely in place. When coupled with HŠfeleÕs Range of Cutlery inserts, they make a powerful organizational duo.

Hafele Skido Krital Features :

Product name Skido Canvas
Code 547.94.674
Category Drawer Matt
Depth 500mm
Width 1440mm
Thickness 1.2mm
Finish Gray
Version Drawer mat with felt
Area of application Anti skid drawer mats


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