Best Bathroom Accessories Price in Bangladesh

Best Bathroom Accessories Price in Bangladesh

From a rainshower to an adjusting toilet seat, bathroom accessories enhance your washroom’s beauty and turn the bland room into a personal comfort place. Thus, to help you decorate your bathroom with modern accessories, we have created this article. I will tell you the best bathroom accessories prices in Bangladesh with details. Let’s start!

Best Bathroom Solutions in Bangladesh at Reasonable Pricing

A thoughtful bathroom design and flexible bathroom accessories can provide you with a relaxed bath time. So, let’s see the best bathroom accessories prices in Bangladesh and their usage in detail to help you choose the best ones.

Note: All the prices that are mentioned below are tentative and may vary from shop to shop. Thus, check the quality and offer prices before finalizing your washroom solutions.  

Bathroom Fittings

Basin mixers, head showers, hand showers, rain showers, and shower rails are bathroom fittings.

Rainfall shower

Rain showers replaced traditional showers due to their well-decorating look. It has a larger surface area and water is scattered from all sides making you feel like you are showering in rain. You can comfortably bathe with your hands-free and use cosmetics for skin care. At the same time, you can increase or reduce the water stream.  

Rain showers are available in all shapes and sizes such as rectangular, oval, or round. So, you can buy the size that fits your bathroom. The installation process is also super easy as it is connected to the shower panel.  

As for the pricing, it depends on the shape, size, and quality products. You can easily find rain showers with 1,000 – 10,000 Taka in Bangladesh however, the size and quality will be low. So, if you have the budget, buy a rain shower from 10,000 Taka to 1 Lakh. Check the quality so that you can use it for a long time.

Hand-held Shower

Unlike rain showers, hand-held showers come with a hose. The benefit of this shower is you can adjust the stream at any direction and height. These showers are small and take up limited space making them a great option for small houses in Dhaka and Chittagong. 

However, the water stream is weaker than rainfall showers and you need to hold the hose while showering which makes it harder to clean and use cosmetics for skin care. Still, these showers are a great option for bathing children as you can adjust the hose to their heights. 

The pricing is cheaper than rainfall showers. You can get it in different sizes and shapes but the round shape is the most popular. The good quality hand-held showers range from 20,000 Take to 35,000 Taka in BD.

Head Shower with Hand Shower

Buying head with hand showers is a great option but you can also install headshowers separately. If you want to install only shower heads, it will work like a rain shower as the water flow will be evenly spread strongly. Headshowers also come in all sizes and shapes but rectangular ones look the most stylish. 

On the other hand, if you want to buy a head with a hand shower, the water flow will be stronger. Also, having a hand shower will be beneficial in bathing children. 

The price range for both types of showers will differ based on the shape, size, and quality products. However, for your idea, the high-quality head showers range from 22,000 – 60,000 Taka in BD and the high-quality head with hand showers range from 32,000 – 40,000 Taka in BD.        

Basin Mixer

Every basin comes with basin mixers that help you adjust water volume with the handle. Therefore, you need to choose a high-quality basin mixer that has a smooth handle and will help you open, adjust, and close the handle with ease. 

There are various types of basin mixers like single lever basin mixers and double lever basin mixers. Single-lever basin mixers are the most popular in Bangladesh as only normal water comes from the mixer. However, if you need a basin mixer that provides both hot and cold water, buy a double-lever tap. The double-lever tap has two handles, one lever provides hot water and another lever provides cold water. 

Let’s come to the price. The single lever basin mixers range from 3,000 Taka to 170,000 Taka. The high-quality basin mixers with a streamlined design are a bit more expensive than the average ones.     

Bathroom Accessories

Bath accessories are a daily necessity to clean and keep things in place. The things that fall under essential bathroom fittings are glass shelves, floor drains, paper holders, soap cases, and towel rings. let’s check out their usage and prices in detail.

Towel Ring/Rail

Towel hangers have multiple uses. Not only can you hang towels but also your dresses as well. Since in Bangladesh, people change their clothes in the washroom, installing a towel hanger is a must. 

You can buy towel hangers in various styles such as ring, bar, or rack. The towel rings look very stylish however, you can not place many things in the ring. On the other hand, towel bars and towel racks can hold many things stably. You can dry out fabrics in a towel rack. 

The price of the towel rack is 3,500 – 8,000 Taka, the towel ring is 1100 – 2500 Taka, and the Towel bar is 1600 – 3200 Taka. Many shops provide offer prices in towel hangers so remember to check out the offer prices and compare the quality products.  

Glass Shelf

By installing a glass shelf in your bathroom, you can easily organize your cosmetics, toothbrush, paste, and other daily necessities in one place. Another advantage of glass shelves is they are non-porous materials. So, you can easily clean them without extra scrubbing or special cleaner. 

Here are the glass shelves’ pricing. The prices depend on the style and product’s quality. However, most glass shelves range from 2000 Taka to 6000 Taka.  

Paper Holder

Does it ever happen that the shower water spills and wet the toilet paper or the paper fall from your hands in the washroom? One paper holder can solve all your problems. 

Paper holders keep the toilet paper safe, clean, dry, and easily accessible, and ensure hygiene. You can buy them with and without cover. The paper holders with covers are a bit pricier like 2000 – 7000 Taka. On the other hand, paper holders without covers are more economical like 1000 – 2000 Taka.  

Floor Drain

Without floor drains, the water will pile up and create a flood in your house. Thus, you need to have a floor drain to direct water to a sewer and keep the bathroom clean and dry. 

So, does floor drains cost a fortune to install? No, rather they are quite cheap and reasonable. You can easily buy a good floor drain with 500 – 1600 Taka. So, do not forget to install a floor drain in your bathroom to avoid unnecessary flooding in the future. 

Soap Case

Another essential bathroom fittings you need is a soap case. The soap cases help dry the soap faster by circulating the air around the soap. Also, ensure hygiene by preventing the bacteria from growing. 

The prices for soap cases are super reasonable. You can easily buy them from 400 Taka – 1800 Taka. The prices vary depending on the material like the soap cases with chrome finishing touches are pricier than normal ones. 

Sanitary Fittings

Every house needs a toilet, a bathtub, and a wash basin. So, let’s see how much these sanitary wares cost.


A toilet is a must-need bathroom sanitary ware product to install in your house. It helps sanitize your household and keeps you hygienic and healthy. Both low commodes and high commodes are popular in Dhaka and Chittagong. However, high commodes are thriving now as every type of person with leg pain or other issues can use them easily. 

So, I am going to tell you how much high-quality high-commode latrines cost. The smart toilet ranges from 7 lakhs to 9.5 lakhs. Why do they cost so much? Because these toilets will open on your arrival and even flash for you and close automatically. The upgraded features make them costlier than normal toilets. 

On the other hand, Close coupled toilets are more reasonable. They range from 29,000 Taka to 78,000 Taka. Also, cleaning high toilets is easier than low toilets. So, check the design, material, and flexibility, and buy the ones that fit your bathroom. 


Installing a bathtub is not mandatory. Even most houses in Bangladesh do not have space for this sanitary item and install a shower instead. 

However, if you own a house and have space in your bathroom, installing a bathtub will certainly enhance the beauty. Also, you can relax in a bathtub after a long day of working and enjoy a comfortable bath. So, here’s the price range of luxurious bathtubs in BD – 2.7 Lakhs to 9 Lakhs.

Wash Basin

Bathroom sinks come in different sizes and styles. You can buy round-shaped, oval-shaped, square-shaped, rectangular-shaped, and asymmetrical-shaped wash basins. 

And the basin prices in Bangladesh vary based on size, shape, and material. For example, you can buy round sinks around 3,000 – 16,000 Taka, oval-shaped sinks around 4,500 – 20,000 Taka, square-shaped sinks around 2,000 – 30,000 Taka, Rectangular sinks around 25,000 – 35,000 Taka, and Asymmetrical sinks around 8,000 – 30,000 Taka. 

Of all the sink types, round and square-shaped sinks are the most popular. However, I encourage you to check out the other sinks and buy the one that enhances the beauty of your bathroom the most.

Wrapping Up

Whether you are remodeling your bathroom or designing it from scratch, knowing the best bathroom accessories price in Bangladesh will always come in handy. You can check different types of latest bathroom solutions and see what suits your room the best. Do not stick to one design. Google bathroom designs and get ideas on how to decorate your bathroom to your liking. That’s it for today. See you on the next blog!