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Best door locks ensure you can go to your destination with ease. They safeguard your home in your absence. However, there are thousands of companies that sell door solutions, how can you find top-quality door lock companies in Bangladesh at affordable prices? I am here to help you. Read this article to learn about BD’s 5 best door lock companies.

Top 5 Door Lock Companies in Bangladesh for You to Check Out

To help you find the best door solutions in Bangladesh, I have listed 5 door lock companies, highlighting their unique features and why you should purchase from these shops.


What type of door do you have? Wooden or swing? pBangla Door Solutions can provide door locks for any kind of door and ensure it’s safe and looks stylish. 

  • Main Door Lock Set: These door locks have lever handles and materials are stainless steel. It can be used for wooden doors. It has a manual locking style and it is both ways lock fitting. 
  • Tubular Lock: Just like the main door lock set, this door lock can fit both ways. The material is high-quality stainless steel. You can manually lock it.
  • Thumb Turn Cylinder: Another standard door lock in BD is the thumb turn cylinder. It is made with antique brass material, is safe, and has manual locking. 
  • Knob Lock: Knob lock is the most used door lock in Bangladesh. It has a simple design and manual locking style. It is made with high-quality stainless steel and can be used for a long period. Opening and closing it also super smooth. 
  • Towerbolt: If you want to strengthen the security of your home, you can place towerbolt door lock inside any room or front door. These are affordable, material-quality stainless steel, and you can open and close them with an easy grip.    

pBangla’s every product is high-quality, user-friendly, reasonable pricing, and comes with a warranty. The door lock pricing ranges from 380 Taka to 5,500 Taka (Depending on the lock type). Check out their door accessories and their offers to secure your home with safe & stylish door locks.     

pBangla door locks

Priotoma Bangla

While pBangla is great for manual door locks, Priotoma Bangla Door Solutions takes it one step further for securing homes. From manual door locks to digital door locks, you can purchase it all from Priotoma Bangla. 

  • Knob Lock: Knob door locks are one of the most popular door locks in Bangladesh. Priotoma Bangla provides super stylish, flexible, secure, and easy-to-use door knob locks. These door locks are made with stainless steel and brass material and are suitable for wooden doors. You can install it on both sides of the doors.   
  • Solid Lever Handle: Priotoma Bangla solid lever handles are fire resistant. You can choose from high-quality materials like stainless steel, brass, and aluminum that suit different environments. You will find a variety of styles in Priotoma Bangla and choose the one that suits your home the most. These handles are easy to use and you can install them both inside and outside.
  • Secure Rim Lock: Rim locks are stylish locks that can be locked and unlocked from outside and inside. You can buy Aluminium, Stainless Steel, and Zink Alloy materials. The installation process is super easy and you can place it in any room including the front door.
  • Sliding Door Lock: These door locks are mostly used in bathrooms. However, you can also install it in any glass door to make it look stylish.  
  • Indicator Locks: Priotoma Bangla Indicator locks are mostly used for toilets for convenience as users do not have to use keys to lock and unlock them. It also provides security, privacy, and accessibility, and looks stylish on the doors. However, you can also use it for any internal door or even the front door.
  • Digital Locks: If you tend to lose keys and looking for ways to open doors without a key, Priotoma Bangla is offering the best digital locks in Bangladesh as a solution. Digital locks in BD are easy to customize, and provide security, and nobody other than you will know the password. It will increase the value of your house and look stylish at the same time.

Priotoma Bangla Door Lock


Signimart is one of the best hardware and retail online stores in Bangladesh. It started its journey in 2010, providing the best services to its customers ever since. They also sell manual door locks and smart door locks at reasonable prices. 

  • Deadbolt Lock: Signimarts deadbolt locks are super reasonable. Design is simple and locks come in different colors like steel, black, and antique. Their lock material is brass and zinc imported from products from China. 
  • Door Handle Lock: Signimart offers unique double door handles that can beautify your main door. The door handles come in different designs and you can choose the best one that suits your door. The cost of double door handles is at reasonable pricing. 
  • Door Knob Lock: From simple to sophisticated, signimart offers a variety of door knob lock designs for users. They are safe, and secure, and can be purchased at affordable prices. You can install them on both sides of the doors. 
  • Padlock: If you have noticed Bangladeshi houses, they have both door locks and padlocks for security enhancement. Thus, the Signimart offers padlocks that are small, portable, stylish, and secure your home by locking rooms and storage. 
  • Rim Lock: Signimart rim locks come in different designs. They import the rim locks from India and ensure rim locks provide the best security to users. If yours does not work well, you can exchange it or fix it with a 1-year warranty. 
  • Smart Door Lock: Signimart sells smart door locks in Bangladesh that you can unlock in 6 ways- fingerprint, password, card, OTP, unlock from app, and physical keys. The smart door locks in BD are high-quality and provide the best security for users.       


Star Tech

As the name suggests, Star Tech is a renowned tech company in Bangladesh that provides desktops, laptops, phones, monitors, UPS, and other products. However, alongside these products, they also sell amazing smart door locks, providing the best security to their users. Their smart locks come in different designs and are compatible with wooden doors, metal, glass doors, and fireproof doors. Visit Star Tech’s website to choose the best smart lock in Bangladesh to secure your home from invaders.


Door Lock Bangladesh

While other companies sell door locks alongside furniture, desktops, and other products, Door Lock Bangladesh only sells various types of door locks and accessories.

  • Smart Lock: Door Lock Bangladesh’s smart locks are high-quality and you can unlock your door with your face and password. They import smart door locks from outside countries and provide a warranty to all users. On their selected locks, you can get free delivery and installation. Visit their website to check smart door lock prices in Bangladesh, the quality, and all the information about door locks.   
  • Manual Locks: If you do not want to install smart locks, Door Lock Bangladesh also provides secure mechanical door locks like cylindrical door locks, deadbolt locks, mortise locks, and tubular lever locks. Their mechanical locks can be installed from both sides ensuring users’ safety at all times.


Final Verdict

Securing your home with high-quality door hardware is your number one priority to live in peace. So, check out these top 5 door lock companies in Bangladesh and purchase unique door locks that will enhance the beauty and value of your house and secure it from invaders. That’s it for today, Adios!